How to fix squeaky floors

FixerDepot understands the annoyance and inconvenience of squeaky and creaky floors, and we’re here to provide effective home repair solutions. Our skilled professionals have the expertise to address this common issue and restore the peace and quiet in your home. Here’s how FixerDepot tackles squeaky and creaky floors:

Thorough Inspection: Our team begins by conducting a thorough inspection of the affected areas. This includes identifying the specific points where the floor is squeaking or creaking. Subfloor Assessment: We assess the condition of the subfloor to identify any underlying issues that may contribute to the noise. This could involve checking for loose or damaged subflooring. Fastening Loose Floorboards: Loose floorboards are a common cause of squeaks. FixerDepot addresses this by securing loose boards, either by screwing them down or using specialized fasteners designed for this purpose. Adding Support: fix squeaky or uneven/saggy floorsIn cases where the subfloor or floor joists lack adequate support, our experts may add additional supports to eliminate movement and reduce noise.

Lubricating Joints:
For wooden floors, we may apply lubricants to the joints between boards to reduce friction and eliminate squeaks. This step helps create a smoother surface and minimizes noise. Inserting Shims: Shims may be inserted between the subfloor and floor joists to eliminate gaps and reduce movement, addressing sources of noise. Using Squeak-Reduction Products: FixerDepot utilizes specialized products designed to reduce or eliminate floor squeaks. These may include screws with built-in breakaway heads or adhesive-based solutions. Tightening Nails: Loose or protruding nails can contribute to floor noise. Our team ensures that all nails are properly tightened or replaced as needed. Replacing Damaged Flooring: In cases where the flooring material itself is damaged, FixerDepot may recommend and execute the replacement of the affected sections to eliminate noise. Carpet Re-Stretching: For carpeted floors, we address wrinkles or loose areas that may contribute to noise by re-stretching and securing the carpet. Quality Assurance: Throughout the process, FixerDepot prioritizes quality assurance. Our professionals conduct tests and inspections to ensure that the repairs are effective and that the floor is restored to a quiet and stable state. Customer Education: We provide guidance to homeowners on preventive measures and proper maintenance to minimize the recurrence of floor squeaks in the future.

FixerDepot is committed to delivering a comprehensive solution to your squeaky and creaky floor issues. Contact us for efficient, professional, and reliable handyman services that restore tranquility to your home.